Color science is most underestimated term when it comes to deigning a space where you will spend most of your time i.e. it might be your home or for some it might be their office space and for some it might be their industry. It varies from person to person. But one thing is sure that using color purposefully and intelligently will increase the overall productivity and mindset of the one who experiences it on daily basis.

For example, just imagine you have an exhausting day and you are completely drained out of energy and you enter your room and see disturbing colors… You thought of giving rest to your mind and contradicting that your mind gets more disturbed due to such color. You will never choose that option to get mental peace. But in the same scenario, if your room was made keeping color science in mind and peaceful colors were used in your room then whole situation would be different. Your mind would rejuvenate with such pleasant environment and with that positivity you can spend good time with your family or friends. This is the difference we can create by using colors intelligently and for right purpose.

There is one such experience in which one of our client asked us to use yellow shade for his entire house and despite of our oppose he made his decision to go for yellow. We can suggest but can’t force any client so we did exactly what was asked for and completed his project. He was very happy while we handed his house but just after 2 months he gave a call and confessed that it was his mistake to use that color as he and his family were not feeling well with that color and asked us to rework on that as per color science. We did that and handed them and they gave us feedback after 6 months that they were fully satisfied.

So every color has its own purpose and impact on our mind and its psychology.  There is more to colors than aesthetics. There is actually science behind how colors work on your eyes and brain. There are astounding scientific revelation on how colors influence the way we THINK, FEEL, and BEHAVE.

The science is widely used and applauded by interior designers and occupants simultaneously. Different colors have different influences when scientifically applied in different rooms.

Effects of colors in our daily life:

  1. Color increases memory.
  2. Color engages and increase participation
  3. Color informs
  4. Color attracts attention
  5. Colors, when applied properly, can play a vital role on the lifestyle of the occupants